In 2019, 1001fontaines started to operate in Vietnam in order to build a sustainable model, guaranteeing the quality of water in a highly competitive context.

Local partner & Local water brand



The situation regarding access to safe drinking water in Vietnam has not improved in recent years. The water treated (tap water) by the authorities still carries a health risk for the population (pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria…), and the thousands of small-scale bottled water producers have not made any significant improvements to their water treatment processes. According to UNICEF, 41% of the water tested in Vietnam contains Ecoli, a bacterium that mainly affects the most vulnerable people in Ho Chi Minh City.  With this observation and recent events: pandemic, economic crisis, our field teams have observed a considerable impoverishment of the stratum of the population most at risk (+10 additional points of so-called vulnerable people according to our 2022 market study).


Our primary mission is to democratize access to drinking water for all families, with a priority focus on workers who generally have access to “at-risk” water. That’s why we offer quality water at an affordable price, and support our resellers so that supply meets demand. We target vulnerable people thanks to our networks and our expertise in the field!

Francis Phan

Our impact today

urban factory


liters of safe water produced every day

Our ambition

– 1 –

Serve 750,000 people

– 2 –

Build 10 factories producing 2,000 20-liter jugs per day

– 3 –

Develop a network of 100 franchised resellers